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Estate Planning for All Stages

Estate planning encompasses a wide variety of life-planning decisions and involves more than just a plan for your finances, property, and other assets when you pass away. With the experienced help of the estate planning lawyers at Fratello Law in Syosset, you can develop a unique plan to protect your assets and make essential decisions, such as how your assets should be distributed to your heirs. 

By utilizing thoughtful estate planning, you are ensuring that your wishes will be carefully followed and your legacy preserved. Without proper planning, your assets could be depleted or end up in the wrong hands. Speak with the skilled Syosset estate planning lawyers at Fratello Law for personalized attention and effective guidance through the often complex legal process of estate planning to help you  navigate your future with peace of mind.

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How Our Experienced Syosset Estate Planning Lawyers at Fratello Law Can Help You

A proper estate plan is an individualized collection of legal documents targeted to meet your unique circumstances and goals.  These documents allow you to decide who will manage your affairs if you are unable and how your assets will be distributed in the event of death. A proper estate plan takes into consideration your individual assets, needs and long term goals.

Our experienced Syosset estate planning lawyer can ensure your assets are protected and distributed to your wishes after you pass, including help with the following: 

  • Explain State and federal tax laws that may affect your estate plan 
  • Provide legal guidance on estate planning strategies
  • Draft  a Last Will and Testament reflective of your needs 
  • Set up proxies, such as health care proxies and living wills, in order to protect your choices related to your medical care.
  • Designate a power of attorney 
  • Evaluate the tax impacts of various estate plans 
  • Explain various Trust options and develop the  appropriate trusts to enable you to protect your assets and meet your needs 
  • Discuss and develop asset protection options, including planning for long term care
  • Handle any revisions and updates necessary for your estate plan throughout your life stages and/or change in circumstances 

At Fratello Law, our estate planning attorneys in Syosset are committed to guiding you through every step of the estate planning process so that you are protected and empowered to make sure your wishes are carried out and your legacy is preserved.

4 Reasons You May Need an Estate Plan in Syosset, New York

Estate planning allows you to have control over any situation that may arise in life and after. You may benefit from an estate plan for the following reasons: 

Avoiding Probate 

The probate process involves a Petition to the Surrogate’s Court to enable the distribution of assets pursuant to a Will. This process often involves time and expense.  Taking steps to  avoid this process where possible is one of the most prevalent reasons why estate planning is so important. Speak with an experienced Syosset estate planning lawyer for legal advice to begin the estate planning process and avoid probate.

Reducing Taxes on Your Estate 

Reducing potential estate tax liability is one of the most valuable benefits of a comprehensive estate plan.  To minimize or eliminate estate taxes, there are various approaches and tools available to individuals and couples through proper estate planning.  

Protecting Your Beneficiaries 

You can protect your beneficiaries life circumstances, poor decision-making, outside influences, creditor issues, and divorcing spouses by establishing safe-guards in your estate planning documents.  By designating a guardian in your estate plan, you will ensure that your love ones are protected and cared for if you are no longer able. 

Protecting Your Assets 

Asset protection is often the foremost objective in establishing an estate plan.  . Speak with a skilled Syosset, NY estate planning lawyer to discuss your personal assets, objectives and develop a unique estate  to protect those assets you have worked so hard to build and preserve your legacy for your loved ones. 

When to Start On Your Estate Plan 

It is essential that you begin the estate planning process as soon as possible, even if you are a young adult. It is best not to avoid the thought of how to protect your legacy. Without a proper plan set up, your estate could be impacted by significant taxes, disagreements over inheritance, and other preventable issues and obstacles. By prioritizing your estate planning, you can ensure that your family is taken care of and your last wishes are respected. 

Speak with an experienced Syosset estate planning lawyer at Fratello Law to iron out specific instructions or guidelines regarding your assets, property, and health so that any decisions made on your behalf are in line with your wishes and direction.  

Speak With the Experienced Syosset Estate Planning Attorneys at Fratello Law 

At Fratello Law, we are here to help you with every detail of the estate planning process, so you don’t have to manage it alone. Estate planning documentation must be tailored to your individual needs and precise to your wishes to avoid confusion or disagreements as well as compliant with New York laws and regulations. We are well-versed in the estate planning process and can help you communicate effectively with all relevant parties and help navigate unique financial and family situations.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our skilled Syosset estate planning lawyers by calling (516) 321-4010 or filling out our contact form. We are also available for video conferences and to travel to your home for the convenience of homebound clients. We look forward to welcoming you to our client family.

Our attorneys focus on creating a Last Will and Testament that carries out your wishes for your assets, belongings, the guardianship of your minor children, and more. Learn more.

Our practiced attorneys will guide you in selecting the right type of trust for you, appointing a trustee, and ensuring your assets are distributed to the correct beneficiaries. Learn more.

Our dedicated disability planning attorneys will guide you in creating the right power of attorney and healthcare proxy to ensure your finances and wellbeing are cared for in the event of an illness. They will also help you draft a living will that ensures all of your end-of-life wishes are upheld. Learn more.

Estate Tax Planning

Our estate planning attorneys at Fratello Law will guide you in transferring your hard-earned assets with as little taxation as legally possible by way of the many testate planning vehicles available. Both New York State and the federal government impose a tax on your right to transfer your property at your death if your gross estate exceeds a predetermined exclusion amount. This amount changes every year. We work with you and your accountant to determine the best panning to shelter your wealth.